Family portrait finally finished!

For those who have been following my progress on this detailed commission in pastel you will be pleased to know that the children’s mother, Helen, is delighted with the final portraits. I just need to adjust the highlights in the hair of James and Brody but otherwise she is very happy and so am I. I had a few problems with Mirabelle as she was shy and not keen on Cath taking her photo, so her personality is not captured as well as with her brothers. However Helen understood that and is still very pleased with the end result of her daughter’s portrait. A happy client is my aim and has been achieved! I will post progress photos and videos soon here and to my Pastel Work In Progress facebook page. Enjoy your evening!

Helen's kids collage


Third of four portraits, Cosmo, is completed

This is 15  year old Cosmo, as always completed in soft pastels and pastel pencils, and I am very pleased with how he has turned out. As you recall,  my wife Cath took the photographs and the children’s mother & I chose the best ones of each. Mirabelle will complete the set on a 50cm by 70cm sheet of Art Spectrum Colourfix paper. The commission overall is shaping up very nicely and it would great to be able to encourage more people to commission me for their loved ones. Something special to last a lifetime….

WIP Cosmo

Second of four portraits, Brody, is finished

This is Brody, as always completed in soft pastels and pastel pencils, and I am very pleased with how he has turned out. My wife Cath took the photographs and the children’s mother and I chose the best ones of each – you can see Brody with James below. I have just started the third son, Cosmo, and it has taken me about 60 hours to get the necessary detail on each brother so far. I will be posted a full “work in progress” in due course with more details of how I use pastels and pastel pencils. You can  see more of my work on and!


The first of four portrait commissions, James, nearly finished

After completing a pastel portrait of her dog, Helen was very  keen for me to do portraits of her four children, also in pastel. My wife Cath took the photographs and Helen and I chose the best ones of each and this is the progress photo of James. I will be posted a full “work in progress” in due course with more details of how I use pastels and pastel pencils. You can  see more of my work on and!

Commission delivered to the Retired Greyhound Trust

Delighted to deliver the completed Christmas greyhound commission to Alice Fenner of the Retired Greyhound Trust last Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing the cards and sundries that will be created from this lovely pastel painting in due course. And I will be posting a video of the steps to create this to my pastel work in progress facebook page soon. Completed in soft pastel and pastel pencils on Artspectrum Colourifx paper from a photo provided by the charity…..


Progress on the commission for the Greyhound Trust

Progressing very well with this commission using soft pastel and pastel pencils. As the image will be used for Christmas cards and assorted sundries it needs to be at the printers in the next few weeks so I will be delivering it to the Retired Greyhound Trust offices near Kingston on Thames next week ( we will be in the area ). Alice Fenner at the Trust is also pleased with the progress which is a relief! You can see more of my dog commission work on my website. I am also doing some “work in progress” photos and videos and these will posted soon along with the completed commission. Enjoy your day!

Screen grab RGT



My latest pastel artwork ready for the Palace Art-fest exhibition

The original photograph, taken in autumn in Herefordshire, appealed to me as a subject to recreate in pastel. The sunbeams lighting up the forest floor, the dappled bark of the birch in the foreground and the striking autumnal colours were the main features that attracted me.  I  feel I have improved on the original photo by increasing the depth and adding a three dimensional effort that pastel can provide an artist. I used soft pastels and pastel pencils on Artspectrum Colourfix paper. The painting will be for sale at the Palace Art-fest held at the Bishops Palace in Hereford between April 29th and May 2nd 2016. Come along and see not only my work but work from a wide range of local artisans.

My latest portrait completed “The Aviator”

I really enjoyed undertaking this portrait, from a photo by Bong Santos, and this is a glimpse of work in progress. The detail of the beard, wrinkles and eyes come out beautifully! You will be able to see this is a delightful image in full, completed in soft pastel and pastel pencils, at the Palace Art-fest, Hereford between April 28th and May 2nd where it will be for sale.

My latest horse in pastel for sale….

Have finished my latest pastel artwork and it is now for sale at Sable and Hogg gallery in Brecon. It is completed, as usual, in soft pastels and pastel pencils on Art Spectrum Colourfix paper. Work in progress to be posted on my pastel work page soon….I am enjoying the horse work ( as I enjoy nearly everything I do) and it is great that others enjoy it too. Many thanks to every one for their support and many thanks to those who have purchased my work and who have commissioned me over the years. Looking forward to sharing many more works with you! Catch up again soon…..

My current pastel artwork in progress

This is the current piece I am working on. I have sold two horses at Sable and Hogg Gallery in Brecon, Powys, in the past six months and I hope this proves just as popular. I enjoy the horse work and being able to capture the detail and the beauty of these magnificent creatures. Having been a vet I have a good understanding of horses and of their anatomy which I think makes my work special. I will be posting more WIP’s in due course on