Latest news – website, gallery and more

So much has happened since I last posted here…..

  1. My favoured blog site “Niume” closed down
  2. I updated my website and it is now as secure as Amazon
  3. I have discovered Gramblr to post to Instagram from my laptop
  4. I have had my open house during Herefordshire art Week in September
  5. I have been inundated with requests for commissions
  6. I have 6 artworks for sale at Sable and Hogg gallery in Brecon, Wales

So life has been busy but productive and I hope to catch up with you more regularly now……

Enjoy your day and your blogging!


Delighted to have 12 paintings accepted for sale by a local gallery

I have exhibited at Sable and Hogg in Brecon in the past and have sold three paintings with them. I am pleased to be able to exhibit some of my new work and hope to sell some as Christmas approaches. collage-oct-2016-works-for-sale-2

Brecon is such a lovely town set in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in mid Wales so why not have a day out to enjoy the scenery and my artwork. You will not regret it!

Last 2 days of my open studio and doing well…..

I have had a enjoyable week, meeting lots of friendly people who have appreciated my artwork and Cath’s garden ( open tomorrow afternoon for the NGS) I have had 36 pieces of artwork on display, as well as a Work In Progress video for people to see how I create my detailed pastel artworks. I have also greetings cards for sale of my work and a few examples of previous commissions. So I like to think we have offered a unique insight into my artwork and lifestyle and hope to welcome more people over the next two days – I hope that you may be one of them! Invite to H-art 2016 Ivan Jones

My latest pastel artwork “Chippie” is completed in time for my open studio

Have just completed this Great Spotted Woodpecker “Chippie” in soft pastels and pastel pencils on Art Spectrum Colourfix paper. Photo reference from Adobe Stock by Lucaar. I have included some WIP’s for your interest. Chippie will be displayed ( and for sale ) at my open studio exhibition for Herefordshire Art Week starting Saturday. Enjoy your day!

Invite to H-art 2016 Ivan Jones

Getting prepared for my open house during Herefordshire ( H-art ) week

This is the article written for the local press…..the photo below is from the 2015 event….

H-art is a county wide open studio event, paid for by individual artisans & creative businesses. This is H-art’s 15th art trail with 97 venues and over 250 artists scattered across the county and each venue can be found by following their pink “H-art” signs. In Wigmore you will see such signs taking you to the open house exhibition of Ivan Jones Pastel Artist in Bury Court Park. Ivan is open every day during H-art week between 10 am and 5 pm and entry is free. You are warmly welcome to pop in anytime to enjoy Ivan’s detailed pastel artwork, as well as wander around his wife’s beautiful garden which is open for the NGS on Sunday September 18th. Ivan’s exhibition will also be open for visitors in the evenings by appointment only on 01568 770808. You can find out more at or


My display of pastel artworks at the PalaceArtfest

Very pleased to be part of this excellent exhibition being held at the Bishops Palace in Hereford by the Cathedral from today until Monday ( May 2nd) The preview last night was well attended and we hope that people will come and enjoy the art as well as the beautiful gardens ( rarely open to the public) and the river views. The River Carnival is on this weekend too! So some to Hereford and see what you have been missing all these years!


My latest pastel artwork ready for the Palace Art-fest exhibition

The original photograph, taken in autumn in Herefordshire, appealed to me as a subject to recreate in pastel. The sunbeams lighting up the forest floor, the dappled bark of the birch in the foreground and the striking autumnal colours were the main features that attracted me.  I  feel I have improved on the original photo by increasing the depth and adding a three dimensional effort that pastel can provide an artist. I used soft pastels and pastel pencils on Artspectrum Colourfix paper. The painting will be for sale at the Palace Art-fest held at the Bishops Palace in Hereford between April 29th and May 2nd 2016. Come along and see not only my work but work from a wide range of local artisans.

My latest portrait completed “The Aviator”

I really enjoyed undertaking this portrait, from a photo by Bong Santos, and this is a glimpse of work in progress. The detail of the beard, wrinkles and eyes come out beautifully! You will be able to see this is a delightful image in full, completed in soft pastel and pastel pencils, at the Palace Art-fest, Hereford between April 28th and May 2nd where it will be for sale.