Artists beware……please read this!

This is about a lesson learned about an internet scam I experienced this week….

It started when an email came through from my website from a Theo Schwartz ( email address: ). He purported to come from Hamburg in Germany and wanted to buy two paintings. He said that he had a number of items to transport from the UK to Germany and would pay for the items ( we agreed a sum ) then arrange collection from my home.

I sent him a Paypal invoice for the paintings ( easy to do from a Paypal business account ) but he insisted paying cheque through his business account. When the cheque arrived it was for the equivalent of £2850 ( 3306 euros) and when I emailed him to say it was too much ( over £2000 too much!!) he insisted that I deposit it, wait until it had been through the negotiation process with the bank then his courier would collect the paintings…..

I was still very concerned about having someone else’s money in my bank account and my bank agreed with me so I did not deposit the cheque, instead emailed “Theo” requesting that he pay for the paintings through PayPal and send him a photo of the cheque being destroyed…..I have heard nothing from him since…..

Now comes the important part –  I have since heard that this is a very elaborate scam. If I had deposited the cheque, it would have cleared the bank negotiations in 1 to 6 weeks and I would have sent the paintings off ( or they would have been collected ) Then either the cheque would have bounced or “Theo” might have requested I purchase something else for him or any number of possibilities.

Lesson to learn – if your buyer pays in advance with a large cheque assume it is a scam. Only accept enough money to cover the cost of the item and postage, no more….Hope this saves a lot of heartache.

Please spread the word! 

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  1. steve Macdonald · April 12, 2017

    “Theo” is trying the same scam with other business’s too……we got this from him….

    Good Morning,

    Am Theo Schwarz from New York my wife and i will want to stay in your property for the date below.

    Checking Date : May 13th 2017.
    Checking out Date:May 27 2017.
    Occupants 2.

    Please confirm the total price for our stay and the payment will be sent to you in cashier’s check base on our bank advise the cashier’s check will be cleared and converted to British Pounds in few days we love Great Britain we have organized our trip and everything will be perfect we can’t wait to come to the holidays.

    The cashier’s check will be in excess base on our budget for the trip,The excess funds will be for our flight arrangement’s when the cashier’s check have been cleared and credited to your account there after we will send our traveling agents details and all the required details for our flight will be sent to you and everything will be perfect.

    For booking confirmation you can either send it to us by email attachments or to our home address below.

    Theo Schwarz
    4 Dawson Place
    Murray Hill NY

    We will be waiting for to hear from you soon with the details below.

    Your Name…
    Full address:
    Zip code
    Country :
    Telephone Number :

    You can call me on +1646-480-8473 or leave a message.
    Theo Schwarz.

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