This Cheeky Chappy is complete and for sale!

This piece of art is created from a photo my wife Cath took in April. It is completed in Artspectrum soft pastel and derwent/conte/cretacolour pastel pencils on Clairefontaine pastelmat paper with final image 11inch by 8.5 inch. I have called the painting “Cheeky Chappy” Have included a couple of WIP’s below and there will be more soon on my Pastel Work in Progress page.  I am very happy with the end result and he is for sale as well, so drop me a line if you are interested through my website……Catch up again soon!

Collage Robin

Family portrait finally finished!

For those who have been following my progress on this detailed commission in pastel you will be pleased to know that the children’s mother, Helen, is delighted with the final portraits. I just need to adjust the highlights in the hair of James and Brody but otherwise she is very happy and so am I. I had a few problems with Mirabelle as she was shy and not keen on Cath taking her photo, so her personality is not captured as well as with her brothers. However Helen understood that and is still very pleased with the end result of her daughter’s portrait. A happy client is my aim and has been achieved! I will post progress photos and videos soon here and to my Pastel Work In Progress facebook page. Enjoy your evening!

Helen's kids collage

The Full Works – a video of my artwork being created.

I have created a video covering the progress from start to finish of my commissioned Christmas Greyhound which I hope you may find of interest. Please give me your honest opinion if you get the chance. Very much appreciated. Enjoy your weekend!

Third of four portraits, Cosmo, is completed

This is 15  year old Cosmo, as always completed in soft pastels and pastel pencils, and I am very pleased with how he has turned out. As you recall,  my wife Cath took the photographs and the children’s mother & I chose the best ones of each. Mirabelle will complete the set on a 50cm by 70cm sheet of Art Spectrum Colourfix paper. The commission overall is shaping up very nicely and it would great to be able to encourage more people to commission me for their loved ones. Something special to last a lifetime….

WIP Cosmo