I create a youtube channel for ivanjonesart…

Following suggestions by a friend, I have created a you tube channel to post videos of my pastel artwork in progress….my first one will be the whitetail deer and it shows how slowly I work to create each piece – 25 to 30 hours per artwork. The next will hopefully be of a woodland scene, my current piece, with stills combined to make a 2 minute video. Wish me ( and my wife Cathy) luck! Will update you soon…..

I donate work to “Art For Our Sake”

Have donated some artwork to help raise money for this charity, having been inspired by Angie Gilchrist who spent Christmas in Lesvos. “Raising funds to help people affected by the worst humanitarian crisis since WW11. Initially funds will be directed to Idomeni.” There will be a website soon where you can bid for my work as well as that of artists from Liverpool and elsewhere across the UK. Proud to be part of it!

My latest portrait completed “The Aviator”

I really enjoyed undertaking this portrait, from a photo by Bong Santos, and this is a glimpse of work in progress. The detail of the beard, wrinkles and eyes come out beautifully! You will be able to see this is a delightful image in full, completed in soft pastel and pastel pencils, at the Palace Art-fest, Hereford between April 28th and May 2nd where it will be for sale.

I give a talk to the local WI on my view of pastels

Having given a few talks in the past to art societies on pastel art and my approach to it, I was pleased to be asked to give a similar talk to the Brampton Bryan WI. My wife sorted out a powerpoint presentation that I used as a guideline to work from. I first talked a bit about myself and how I got interested in art and in pastels at primary school. Then I talked about my style and materials used, accompanied by photos of work in progress of a few of my more recent works. I tried to make it interesting for an audience who are not artists and the feedback was positive and I enjoyed the experience. This is the fifth such talk  I have given and it keeps getting better as I get more confident…..good stuff!

2016-03-10 21.47.01 crop.jpg