1. Eric Gray · June 21, 2015

    I also do landscapes/horses etc in pastel which might intarest you.
    With Ref to technique I was taught that it doesn’t matter what you use photos,tracing paper,digital,graphs,props etc
    (many famous artists use one or more of these things) ! all that REALLY matters is that you find a way to translate the ‘thing’ you want onto paper,in your case in Pastel,in a satisfactory way.It’s the finished product that matters,not how you achieved it…………good luck


    • ivanjonesart · September 3, 2015

      Cheers Eric. Been away from my blog for a while ( concentrating on facebook and twitter to promote) but appreciate your comments…..I enjoy what I do, as I imagine you do, and as you say as long as people like the end result it does not really matter how we get there! Cheers!


  2. Eric Gray · June 21, 2015

    Appart from my own lifetime of experience,I was taught by Rothwell,and other famouse American Artists


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