Have started on my interpretation of a scottish landscape in pastel…

Working from an atmospheric photograph I will be posting the stages of creation on my facebook.com/pastelworkinprogress page and keeping things updated on facebook.com/ivanjonesart. Here I am using pastel pencil for the details and working on pastelmat paper…..2015-03-16 18.09.30


Finally finished my latest commission and about to start a landscape……

This is a lovely atmospheric scene taken in the mountains of Scotland and should be enjoyable to create. I will post to my facebook.com/ivanjonesart page as I progress, and also ( later ) to my facebook.com/pastelworkinprogress page……more soon……

Part way through my interpretation of a Frank Holl painting

Part way through my interpretation of a Frank Holl painting

Have posted some of my commissions to Facebook group ” COMMISSION ME”

Have joined the Facebook group COMMISSION ME and have posted 8 pictures there. This is a public Facebook group trying to connect artists and those people who want commissions done. These are the eight: The shearer, a terrier, a tiger, second world war pilots, a lab cross, Wigmore village, collage from Poirot and a skittish cat. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1417499135153266/

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