I am asked for some advice from an artist in India…..

She asked me to ” give some ideas how to use soft pastels efficiently and effectively”.

What would you say? It is difficult to help in a facebook message I think! However this is what I wrote:

“You can see what sort of pastels and pastel pencils I use on my website www.ivanjonesart.co.uk/materials-used. I start with a pencil outline and work from photographs. I usually work across the page and use transparent film to stop my hand smudging the picture. I experimented with different colours, mixing them on a separate scrap of paper to find the right shade. I also used reference books initially for ideas and styles before developing my own. I have been doing for 15 years since my retirement….hope this is of some help….”


Four of my pastel artworks displayed at the Old Chapel Gallery

I am very pleased to say that Yasmin Strube of the excellent Old Chapel Gallery http://www.oldchapelgallery.co.uk/ in Pembridge, Herefordshire will be displaying some of my latest works. Yasmin has been very supportive of my art and I encourage everyone to come over to Pembridge to see her gallery. And of course the journey across will be beautiful as well – Herefordshire is a truly undiscovered county….. I have put the four works in a collage for your interest.

Old Chapel collage 1.2015

Some of my recent work has been accepted by the Old Chapel Gallery in Pembridge.

I have displayed at this excellent gallery before and am pleased to be able to exhibit some pieces there. And thank you Terri for allowing me to join the Artists and Illustrators Facebook group – looking forward to an enjoyable relationship….

My Artists and illustrators site is http://www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk/ivanjonesart and there are some of my pieces of artwork for sale there too….

My latest pastel creation from a photo taken in Cornwall by a friend

This picture has had a really good reaction from my various Facebook groups which is really nice. Hope you like it too! It is created on Colourfix paper from the Australian company Art Spectrum, using soft pastels for the background and pastel pencils for the detail. Hope to exhibit it at the Old Chapel Gallery in Pembridge later this month……You can see more of my landscapes on my website….


Portrait commission – great way to start 2015!

I am proud to be the artist that retired doctor Tony ( who had his dog Biscuit commissioned recently – see below) has chosen for his own portrait in pastel.

When he came to collect BIscuit’s picture he talked about wanting a portrait and I thought he would make a great commission – a handsome older face full of character.

So my wife Cathy sat him in our living room and shot 30 photos while he was chatting to me. We then looked at them on Picasa ( a great piece of free software that allows you to star the best pictures and see them in a separate folder – perfect if you have many pictures to look through ) and agreed upon the perfect shot chosen by both myself and Tony.

I am so looking forward to completing it before his birthday in February…..and you will see it here when done, as well as on the portrait page of my website.