A recent commission – Biscuit

2014-09-22-15.jpg-ws    When I had open house for Herefordshire Art Week in September the owner, Tony, of this lovely dog asked me to do her portrait. My wife Cathy spent time in our garden taking a number of photographs, then and there, of Biscuit. Tony and I then sat down and chose the one that best portrayed Biscuit’s personality but that also had good detail and light. It was a rewarding experience, as all commissions are whatever the subject matter, and Tony was delighted with the end result……

Have just joined Artists & Illustrators website

A friend gave us some old issues of the Artists & Illustrators magazine and we were very impressed. The http://www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk/  website is good too and I have put a few artworks in the “art for sale” section to increase our exposure. The site also gives me a chance to explain the history behind  each piece of art which adds a dimension to each piece…all the work is based on my wife Cathy’s photographs or photographs from close friends. Happy days!

Pastel pencils – allow incredible detail

Ivan finds that using pastel pencils is the best way of achieving the incredible detail that is seen in all his work. By using a blade and sandpaper for sharpening pencils, he is able to add detailed touches such as strands of hair, blades of grass and distinctive whiskers to complete the picture http://www.ivanjonesart.co.uk/wildlife

Ivan uses a range of different makes of pencils in a huge range of colours including Cretacolour pastelsConte Pastel pencilsDerwent pastel pencils and Faber-Castell pastels.