Delighted to be invited to be part of an exciting charity fashion event with my artworks

When my wife Cathy had treatment for breast cancer in 2011, an important part of her recovery involved sessions at the Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford. These sessions included massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, group discussions and other holistic therapies. You can find out more about the Haven on their website.

Photo of the Breast Cancer Haven in St Owen Street, Hereford

When I was President of the Knighton and District Rotary Club last year, I chose the Haven as one of my charities to support. We were delighted to be able to donate ยฃ500 to the charity and it was doubled by the UK government under the “Big Give” scheme.  

Cathy Jones, speaker Di Emmett from the Breast Cancer Haven, Ivan Jones Knighton Rotary
Ivan Jones when Rotary Club President with Cathy Jones and Haven speaker Di Emmett

A week ago one of the fundraising team, Rachel, got in touch and invited me to display my artworks at their Blossom Fashion Show on April 5th. This show is in a sports hall and they have space for artisan stalls to be set up. I will have a table to show off my smaller original pastel artworks, prints ( mounted and unmounted ), greetings cards and mugs. 

Ivan Jones pastel artist stall at the Wigmore Show in 2017
Ivan Jones pastel artist stall at Wigmore Show 2017

The main aim for this event is to raise money for the Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford. I will pay for the stall and a percentage of any sales made on the night will also be donated to the charity. In addition, if I receive any commission work directly as a result of my presence at Blossom then I will donate a percentage of that to the Haven too. 

Wigmore show 2018 stall prints cards Ivan Jones pastel artist
Ivan Jones pastel artist stall at Wigmore Show 2018

I am proud to be able to support a charity that was such a big part of Cath’s recovery and I feel priviliged to have been invited to take part in this exciting event. I hope to see you there, on April 5th in Hereford at The Point 4 leisure centre, Venns Lane, HR1 1DT. Looking forward to it! 

A detailed pastel artwork – a woodpecker – added to my newly revamped website

Hello my friends and I hope 2020 has started off well for you.
I am always looking for popular subject matter and woodpeckers have a great appeal as they are quite difficult to spot except for their distinctive call. The reference photo for this particular woodpecker, looking into it’s nest, was taken by Terry Hancock and captured my imagination.

Ivan Jones pastel artist sharpening a pastel pencil while working on the woodpecker artwork

As with most of my artwork, this great spotted woodpecker is completed using soft pastels and pastel pencils on Artspectrum colourfix paper. The sharpened pencils create the detail and the background is blended using polystyrene sticks to give the three dimensional effect to the completed painting. It is now for sale on my newly revamped websiteย Have a great day and catch up soon! ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

Ivan Jones pastel artist website catalog entry for woodpecker artwork

A great way to show off pastel art technique and skills by using hyperlapse video!

It has been a busy week as I have been working on a commission that is a surprise Christmas gift for a lady who found me by searching “pastel artist” on Google. She had a commission done in previous years by a local pastel artist but could not contact her so found me! This is a glimpse of the work in progress…..

Vintage car, spitfire plane, commissioned artwork, Ivan Jones pastel artist
Commissioned artwork in progress

Now that this commission has been completed and sent by courier today to Suffolk, I can start on my next commission – a portrait of four young people. I am not yet sure whether it will turn out but I will keep you posted…..

But in the meantime, back to hyperlapse videos, the original subject of this post. As you may be aware I have a YouTube channel that displays a variety of “artwork in progress” videos that my wife Cathy has created over the years. 

You tube channel screenshot Ivan Jones pastel artist
My YouTube channel of artwork in progress videos

She has struggled with Vegas “Movie Studio Platinum” as well as a variety of free video software package apps. The most viewed video she created was of me doing the Christmas Greyhound commission but even this is not very good…..

Christmas greyhound YouTube video Screenshot Ivan Jones pastel artist
My most popular artwork in progress video – the Christmas Greyhound

Recently we have been aware of videos that showed artists at work, but sped up to cover hours in minutes. We did not know how this was achieved until we discovered the hyperlapse video setting on our mobile phone. Eureka! This is my first one  of a badger that is still waiting to be completed once I have completed my commission work…..

Early stages of badger artwork in progress Ivan Jones pastel artist
Badger artwork in progress photos as of today
You tube video Ivan Jones pastel artist working on badger artwork
My first hyperlapse video of badger artwork in progress YouTube

And so Cath can now record a complete video of my artwork creations – 25 hours in 25 minutes ( or less after editing). It has also been suggested that I do a voice over for the videos but we’ll see…..So I am looking forward to sharing more “artwork in progress” videos with you soon….have a great day!

Excited to have a number of detailed artworks accepted by the Sable and Hogg Gallery in Brecon

It can be very difficult for any artist to find a gallery to display and sell their artwork. Always a challenge. However I was very fortunate a number of years ago to visit the Sable and Hogg Gallery & Framers and as the owner at the time, Paul Millis, was a pastel artist he was keen to have my detailed pastel artworks in his gallery.

Sable and Hogg gallery shop front

At that time the economic climate pre-Brexit was good and I sold a number of artworks with him. However as things changed it became harder for Paul and as he decided upon retirement he sold the gallery to Catherine Arnold and her daughter Evie.

Artworks sold Ivan Jones pastel artist at Sable and Hogg 2016

It was fortunate that just as the changeover was occurring Paul sold my kingfisher pastel painting and then a month ago Catherine sold one of limited edition Running Hare prints.

Ivan Jones pastel art sold in 2019 at Sable and Hogg gallery

This week I took some of my artworks across to Brecon and Catherine took four pastel paintings and a framed print to display in her delightful gallery. We shall await the outcome and will keep you updated! And of course this is the place you can see the quality of my artworks for yourself as well as enjoy a most beautiful part of the world – the Brecon Beacons…… 

Artworks for sale Ivan Jones pastel artist at Sable and Hogg gallery

Thinking of Christmas and the best way to promote portrait commission work.

As Christmas approaches (far too rapidly!), and as I complete my current pet portrait commission, ( which is a surprise gift ) I have been thinking about gifts to my family and what would be special. As usual I come up with the possibility of a commission and that makes me think “why not promote my commission work and my availability to undertake them”.

Attention to detail Ivan Jones pastel artist pet portrait commission

With two commissions in the pipeline but no pressure on either I have put together a collage of my pet portrait work for posting on TwitterFacebook and Linked In. Depending on the response I will post elsewhere too…..What do you think of it?

Ivan Jones pastel artist pet portrait promotion Christmas 2019

Before I posted this, I went to my Instagram friends to get feedback which was very useful as you will see in my feed….other artists allowed me to finetune the collage from this one below to the one above….very helpful and shows the power of social media….

Ivan Jones pastel artist pet portrait commission draft 1

I also was inspired to use Facebook more by an artist I met at the British Ironworks Museum called Lee Morgan who uses an airbrushing technique. Lee gave me some tips as to how to increase my FB followers and I will share those with you in a future post, once I have decided how to best utilise them…..So have a great day and if you want a commission done, you know who to ask! ๐Ÿ˜

Ivan Jones pastel artist dog portrait commission poster

It’s back to the easel now, after a successful exhibition is over.

Well, it is a few days now since we dismantled our exhibition at the Makers Mezzanine in Whitney on Wye in Herefordshire. We enjoyed the 9 days of H-art (Herefordshire art ) week this year as, unlike in previous years, we were able to visit other venues across the county……

H-art 2019 at the Makers Mezzanine Ivan Jones pastel artist
H-art 2019 at the Makers Mezzanine Ivan Jones pastel artist

We did meet a lot of people during our exhibition as we attended the preview on Friday September 6th and stewarded on the afternoons of the 10th and 12th. It was great to hear feedback from visitors about the venue as well as my artwork and it was all very positive. And we sold the hedgehog as well as numerous greetings cards….bonus! 

Ivan Jones pastel artist at Makers Mezzanine preview with Emma Bevan and guests
Ivan Jones pastel artist at Makers Mezzanine preview with Emma Bevan and guests

Over the 9 days there were 670 visitors to the Makers Mezzanine compared to my average here at home of 150! So although I could not showcase my studio, work environment and garden ( as well as 36 artworks) as I do when I open my studio to the public, we certainly had much more exposure at the gallery.

Ivan Jones pastel artist exhibition H-art 2018 at home in Wigmore
Ivan Jones pastel artist exhibition H-art 2018 at home in Wigmore

H-art also allowed me to see what other venues may be suitable for next year’s exhibition. I also have an opportunity to exhibit in a new gallery in Crickhowell in mid-Wales so watch this space for more on that soon!

Crickhowell and galleries
Crickhowell and galleries

So on we go with commission work. My current one is a surprise for Christmas. It is a dog portrait and you can see me working on her on my instagram feed. Luckily it is her whiskers that make her so unique – until I add them, she just looks like a spaniel…Next I have a family portrait – husband and wife with their two dogs – and then an olive tree for a friend who has a house in Northern Cyprus!  

Gilli and John family portrait reference photo collage
Gilli and John family portrait reference photo collage

Note that this reference photo is a collage of four photos combined to make one.

So have a great day and if you ever want me to create something special for someone special then you know how to find me!ย

Balancing the creation of artwork with the promotion of artwork and with life in general!

It has been a busy few weeks with my Rotary commitments but I have managed to finish another kingfisher and nearly finished a woodpecker for my next exhibition at the Makers Mezzanine in September. Each artwork takes 25 to 30 hours so you can see why it is a slow process!

It is always a bit of a pressured time in the summer because not only do I need to produce new work for H-art ( Herefordshire art week ) but also there are the commitments of the garden and so on. Getting the life balance is so important, as any artist will tell you…..there are lots of blogs on it

Ivan Jones picking tomatoes in the garden
In the garden picking tomatoes

But it is still enjoyable to create my detailed realistic artworks to exhibitsellcommission, and share on social mediaPinterest and Instagram is a great way to see what subject matter appeals to others and hence help me decide what artwork to undertake next…..

Ivan Jones artist instagram page July 2019
My instagram page as of July 15th 2019

The other thing I enjoy is sharing my techniques with others and hence my facebook page “Pastel Work in Progress” has quite a following. I also have posted some “Work in Progress” videos ( of varying quality ) on my YouTube channel

So until my next update, I hope you enjoy your day, whatever you are doing, and catch up soon! 

It’s all about delightful duckling artworks today!

It has been a busy month, with the recent exhibition now complete and planning for the next one during Herefordshire (H-art) week in September at the Makers Mezzanine in Whitney on Wye. I have completed one new work and have started a woodpecker but more on these soon….

Great spotted woodpecker pastel artwork in progress Ivan Jones

One thing that I found interesting was when a friend came to see me at the exhibition when I was stewarding an expressed an interest in the duckling pastel artwork that I had for sale. 

Duckling 2019 pastel painting Ivan Jones

She asked if I could create a greetings card for her and I said that I had created 5 ducklings (4 of which have sold ) over the past few years so which one did she want a card made from? It got me thinking of those delightful creatures and so I sent her images of the 5 to chose from…..I also posted them to my Instagram page and have had lots of nice comments….

Ducklings posted to Ivan Jones pastel artist instagram feed

In the end she chose two ducklings and the wife Cath made two cards of each to send her….nice memories and I know I will create another pastel painting of these appealing creatures in the not too distant future……

A successful art exhibition and a study of human behaviour…..

It has been a busy two weeks as I have flitted between catching up with the garden and house necessities, stewarding at the “Out of the Hills” art exhibition and starting on my next piece of artwork ( see below ) The exhibition ended on Saturday 16th……

Kingfisher artwork Ivan Jones in progress
My current artwork – a kingfisher in creation

I have been pleased with the outcome of the exhibition, given the current economic climate – I ended up selling two paintings and three prints as well as 30 cards. Not bad at all, though the venue does take 30% commission, but that is to be expected in this day and age. 

Paintings sold during Out of the Hills art exhibition Ivan Jones

A big advantage of stewarding at exhibitions is being able to meet people. There have been 11 different styles of art at “Out of the Hills” including woodwork, pottery and glassware as well as mixed media, oils, abstract, realistic and impressionistic styles. Watching people as the move around the space, and seeing what attracts them is an insight into human behaviour! 

Preview of Out of the Hills art exhibition June 2019
Out of the Hills art exhibition June 2019

I have had the opportunity to chat to many people, not only about my artwork but to hear their thoughts on the exhibition as a whole and they have all been positive. Chatting to the two people who bought my paintings was interesting too, hearing what attracted them to the works. Realism is not everyone’s cup of tea but those who do like “Just Real Art” are very appreciative of the work that is involved in getting the detail I enjoy creating….A very enjoyable two weeks and thanks to everyone who came along!  

Delighted to sell a kingfisher on the first day of my current exhibition

It is always a challenge, when setting up an exhibition, to decide which pieces of artwork to exhibit. I have got to know that woodpeckers, ducklings and kingfishers always sell, so I try to include one of each in any display. Kingfishers are iconic but difficult to catch a glimpse of in real life, so maybe that explains their popularity?

Bird art previously sold Ivan Jones pastel paintings

And so it has proved so far with the current “Out of the Hills” art exhibition at Aardvark Books, where I am one of 11 artists on display. On the first day of the exhibition, which was Saturday June 1st, I was very pleased to sell my latest kingfisher painting, as well as two giclee prints of (wait for it…) a duckling and of two donkeys….

My pastel artworks on display at Out of the Hills

There is now just under two weeks until this exhibition finishes ( Sunday June 16th ) and I am pleased to help out with stewarding last Thursday afternoon June 6th, and then will be there again on the afternoons of Friday June 14th and Saturday June 15th. Maybe I’ll see you there? If not enjoy your day and catch up soon!ย 

Out of the Hills 2019 Ivan Jones in foreground
Me chatting during the art exhibition preview June 1st